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what people say after TRTP™

Working with Peter was the most amazing experience. The fact that the sessions were done via zoom allowed me to be in my own home where I felt safe and secure allowing me to relax and really delve into the sessions.

After experiencing a severe childhood  trauma I had been left with feelings of insecurity, limiting beliefs and issues around self worth.

Since completing TRTP I have been able to release so many negative feelings and thought processes enabling me to move forward in my life with ease and flow.

Peter was always so professional, comforting and made me feel safe and secure. I would highly recommend TRTP Therapy to anyone wanting to clear the slate and move forward in life with a fresh perspective.

Ebony 34

I used to wake in the middle of the night and worry I would lack the energy for all that needed to be completed the following day. Now I wake and feel lucky that I have a comfortable bed, more sleep to come and a day ahead where I will easily achieve what needs to be done. My sleep feels more energising.

Even when I was happy to have a responsibility, I often carried a heaviness with it. Sometimes I extended this sense of responsibly too far and felt accountable for other peoples’ happiness. I now enjoy my responsibilities and have respectfully handed others back to them.

The fear of rejection or judgement has always made representing myself difficult. When I did voice my thoughts, I would laboriously plan my words. Since TRTP, I am expressing myself with courtesy and confidence without planning or fear.

I considered TRTP for some time as I didn’t realise that throughout the process I maintained  awareness. If I’d known that there was no vulnerability, I would have done it sooner. Peter gave MUCH energy to helping me. The process was very personalised and I felt my needs were catered to with the greatest care and sincerity.

I feel lighter and answers come to me without having to put effort into them. This is happening more and more each day and I feel confident that the feeling has become my default when presented with difficult situations. I feel like ease is “here to stay”.

Karen 57

I decided to do TRTP when I saw proof of it in my friend who had magnificent results overcoming severe panic attacks and general anxiety.

Peter was very empathetic and did not make my concerns feel trivial or silly and I felt very safe working with him.

I was glad to find that TRTP was nothing weird but actually really just a lovely deep guided meditation.

TRTP has made my life feel so much easier. I am no longer overwhelmed by every day daily tasks. There is more joy in everything I do. I do not feel heavy with dragging around grief. My relationships are not constrained by the uncomfortable feelings of old events, disappointments and regrets. I really truly, in my body feel like life will be OK instead of always trying to convince myself it will be.

Now that I feel so great, when I watch other people struggling with things in their life, I sort of feel sorry for them that they don't know how good TRTP could make them feel...or worse know about it and haven't done it.

Bernadette 43

 TRTP™ helped me stop managing my symptoms of anxiety and depression and set me on the path to truly living 

Peter, 57

The main feeling I wanted to change was  the feeling of dread, fear, being trapped and stuck in my life, not being able to see a future of happiness.

TRTP was remarkable.  I have managed to put a lot of past demons away and they no longer affect the way I feel and react to things.  My learnt behaviour and patterns that I wanted to change have mostly disappeared.

The first thing that attracted me to TRTP was that it didn’t involve reliving the past by having to explain my life history to a therapist again.  I loved the fact that after a simple home work sheet, the easy 3 sessions were personally tailored to achieve the results I was seeking.  I loved the fact that I could work through this process in the comfort of my own home and space.  I felt extremely comfortable being guided through this process by Peter, as he has a very calming manner and voice, which is so important.  He is very professional, non-judgmental and a very realistic, supportive and caring person.  I trust Peter 100%, so much so that my adolescent son has also embraced this amazing healing treatment.

I feel that the long term benefits are what everyone hopes to achieve as we take our journey through life.  How many times do we tell ourselves or imagine that “one day” we will reach our goals and eventual happiness, but we don’t quite know how to achieve that.  We keep hoping that things will improve but the same patterns keep presenting themselves, time and time again.  For different reasons, I have endured counselling several times throughout my life.  However, after many sessions that were time consuming and extremely expensive, I never really got the results I was hoping for.  TRTP is a unique method of resolving issues in our subconscious, that is completely liberating.  I feel a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt for a very long time.  I can’t believe that the technique of TRTP was so easy, it took up very little of my time and was also very economical.  More importantly,  I got the results I was hoping for!

Jan 45

Reach the Top

Before TRTP I was carrying a lot of anger around from previous events. Because I was holding onto old anger I was very edgy and stressed when I should have felt calm and happy. I felt like my head was so busy with negativity and stress, even when nothing bad was happening. Now that I have completed TRTP I feel much more relaxed and easy going and can recover from bad experiences and arguments way quicker. TRTP has given me the ability to let things go. Peter has been unbelievable delivering TRTP for me. He went over and above to make sure I felt like everything in the session was going well. Peter personalised every session which helped the process of TRTP flow very neatly. I strongly recommend TRTP to anyone who wants to let go of any unnecessary angst or anger and alternatively feel more free and light in life.

Zac 15

TRTP is like a gentle meditation where you use your own imagination.  I didn’t feel like I was out of control and in the hands of someone else delving into my mind.  Quite the opposite, I was in complete control the whole time and felt empowered and very comfortable.  I was consciously aware at all times.

I have to say that TRTP has changed my life.  I have been carrying emotional scars since I was a young child and I feel released from the past traumas and able to move forward in my life, with a different outlook, no longer chained to the past negativity.  Another wonderful bonus is that I can re-listen to my personalised recordings at any time and keep on reinforcing these positive changes in my thinking and behaviour.  I highly recommend everyone to experience this amazing healing, as we all have some type of experience that has affected us in some way that we would like to change. 

As TRTP is highly confidential and doesn’t rely on total confessions of your past (like counselling does), I felt so comfortable in the Sessions with Peter, I believe he has found his passion, which has become his career.  Peter was born to help people, he is a natural and he is the perfect facilitator for TRTP.

Elizabeth 54 

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