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Your Great Now

What a fantastic time this is to be alive! We live in a time when on a daily basis we now receive five times as much information as we did in 1986. Some days this seems like a fantastic change in how we communicate. We wake up and look at our work email while we are still in bed because there is always one of our colleagues (or boss) who has sent us something URGENT overnight. Then we look at our personal email to see if we have been invited to something interesting or maybe just to see who is interested in talking with us. Then of course the favourite of over half a billion people worldwide – Facebook. The ever growing need to see how our friends are choosing to represent themselves on their favourite digital platform, what exciting things our family and friends are doing today and of course the opportunity to tell the world what is happening in your life. Depending how old you are there is always, what’s App, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and for some of us slightly more mature in age there is Texting as a last resort.

Whilst some days all these various forms of communication can seem like a fantastic revolution that helps us stay connected with friends and families all around the world (or next door) on other days it seems like a massive burden to both observe and to participate in and at times I question the benefit vs the potential negative implications of our changed communication patterns.

Various statistics show that despite people being more connected than ever before in real time via electronic communication and social media, depression and suicide rates are at their highest per capita than ever before. Need statistics to be inserted. This must raise some serious questions and if we choose to ignore this change in our society there will be potentially tragic consequences.

In my professional life I spend a lot of time on the business platform LinkedIn. This can be a great method of researching companies and connecting with employees of various business that you would like to interact with. If can also be used as a forum for advertising services, products and the ever growing coaching sphere – you know the people who want to help you be better than you are today, make more money than you do today, use your time more efficiently, be a better people manager, travel more than you do today etc etc

It struck me recently that this whole coaching phenomenon rarely spoke about of focussed on what a great job you may be doing today and how far you may have already come with regard to personal development in your career or personal life – it was always about what is lacking and what needs fixing. I couldn’t help but feel that this was starting to make me feel a bit depressed and like I was somehow not achieving my full potential if I chose not to read or engage in some or all of this material that I was being bombarded with.

So then I looked at my work profile and what I had achieved and the people I had helped – need to talk about what is really important for me in career to date and how it has changed now – how helping others had been a really big part of my career to date and probably meant more to me looking back than anything else

Use the death bed or rocking chair analogy for perspective on what matters

Use the example in my gold magazine about small incremental improvements that eventually add up to world class changes



The reason for writing this book is to help you understand that there are many ways to interpret your life and as many ways to define your self-worth. The risk that we all face is that the further from ourselves that we look for our self-worth the less likely we are to find it. We will not find it on Facebook or in comparing our lives to the lives of our friends and we will not find it by constantly living in the future.

The true purpose of this book is to help remind you that you and every other human being is achieving amazing levels of UNOBSERVED greatness each and every day. These are the thoughts and actions that you choose not to put on social media because you probably don’t think they are important enough, however, without these actions the world would not work as well as it does and you would not be the amazing person that you are

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